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if he'll ever go back down in the mines again. that's the mind-set in west virginia. this is what we do, we mine coal. >> of course his mother grieving the loss of her other son and two grandsons. he was grieving the loss of one of his sons. >> absolutely. it was unimaginable. i spent a lot of time with that family and saw a lot of strength, a lot of faith and a horrendous amount of pain, too. >> sherry mcgraw, you do a wonderful job and you guys at the red cross do a wonderful job. thank you. you were up with the family. they couldn't do it without you. everybody is worried about families. thank you so much. one of the other things we've been talking about is mine safety. there are a lot of questions being raised about safety at this mine. there have been a number of violations. let's bring in kevin strickland, you're with the mine safety administration. i've seen you quoted on the wires. was this a safe mine? >> i think we'll hold off comment until we do the investigation. i realize they had a lot of violations. my guys are trained if they see a violation that the company hasn't corre
let me bring in homer, a west virginia native, a former miner. he's written books, including the most recent "red helmet." he's joining me by skype. when you're looking at methane gas, these were changes made after the last big mining accident, have these safe rooms where people could go in, miners could go in, there would be oxygen, communications and water and keep them safe. apparently searchers went in and looked at one of these rooms and it was empty. how reliable is it to provide a safe place when miners are down there working in these sort of dangerous conditions? >> well, it's a great idea when it works. when you have as huge an explosion as this one, there's not an opportunity necessarily to get to one of these safe rooms or barricade yourself up. this was obviously a huge explosion that killed this many miners right off the bat. the four miners that were missing apparently were in the same area. so the energy that's involved with a blast like this possibly caused them not to be able to get anywhere. >> this apparently is a mine that is a nonunion mine. does that in
, an explosion in west virginia. thanks, brian. >>> there are new questions today over mine safety and coal profits. following this accident, labor secretary hilda solis is promising to take action with a special team of investigators to look into what caused the explosion. in a statement she writes, miners should never have to sacrifice their lives for their livelihood. let's bring in journalist and cultural historian jeff biggers joining us on skype today, the author of "reckoning at eagle creek, the secret legacy of coal in the heartland." good to have you on with us. you know this industry as well as anyone. it is a way of life. it's how they make a living. there's not a whole lot of economic development in this part of west virginia except coal mining. have the people of this area just come to accept the risk? >> they've come to accept the risk but i think like any americans they want to be able to go to work every day knowing that there are rules on the books that are going to be followed and enforced, that there's no reason to have unnecessary risks, especially if they're going to lo
? >> gut wrenching story, no doubt about it. thank you, norah o'donnell in naoma, west virginia. >>> earlier today, president obama offered his support and condolences to the families of the victims. he spoke at a prayer breakfast in washington, d.c. >> i would ask to the faithful who gathered here this morning pray for the safe return of the missing, the men and women who've put their lives on the line to save them and the souls of those who've been lost in this strategic accident. may they rest in peace and may their families find comfort in the hard days ahead. >> the president also said he had spoken with west virginia governor joe mansion and pledged federal government help in the rescue efforts. federal investigators say that they will leave no stone unturned to find out how this explosion happened. let's bring in former federal mine safety official, bruce dial. good to have you on msnbc this afternoon. can you speak to the violations, the safety infractions that this company had? 57 complaints just in the last month. how could that be overlooked? >> well, when you look at
virginia mine. rescue crews got inside, but now the quality of air has become too dangerous and crews are being pulled out. what happens next. >>> tiger woods, it's just a few hours away from teeing off the masters, but before his first drive, a haunting new ad is creating a lot of buzz. it featuring the voice of his voice. >> you'll find out what thinking was, i want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything? >> advertising guru donny deutsch will join me to talk about this ad. what does donny, think and what are people on the blog saying about it? this is a hot topic today. >>> we saturday off with a diplomat from the middle east as he caused a bomb scare aboard a united airlines flight last nichlt federal marshals confronted the man, a diplomat from qatar, after he emerged from the bathroom smelling of smoke. smoked a cigarette and tried to cover it up, and then reportedly made a flippant comment to light his shoes. that was enough for the marshals to apprehend him. two fighter jets were scrambled in this. pete williams is the justice correspondent. what more d
are furious at the governor of virginia for his decision to declare april confederate history month. we'll talk to former virginia governor doug wilder and get his thoughts. >>> joe murray of on deck sports made one product, pitching mounds for indoor baseball facilities. his customers loved them and urged him to branch out. he added artificial turf and other baseball equipment, scoring a home run with his growing client base. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happe
in virginia. he has called of course within the last 24 hours for an investigation and a report to be on his desk by next week on the mine safety situation nationally. he wants to know what has been done, where are the violations, and what steps can be taken? also, of course, the senators from west virginia, senator byrd, senator rockefeller similarly calling for an investigation. hearings are already going to be held. we've heard a lot of criticism of the massey energy company. the president is now coming out of the oval office. on airforce one from prague he was first notified of the letter today from justice john paul stevens, the longest serving justice right now on this court. the president. >> i want to say a few words about the tragedy that took place this week in west virginia, but before i do, i'd first like to comment on the news that justice john paul stevens will retire from the supreme court at the end of its current term. when president ford was faced with a supreme court vacancy shortly after the nation was still recovering from the watergate scandal, he wanted a nominee who w
virginia, and i think throughout the country, are taught to escape first. they are taught to try to get out of the mine the way they came in first. they retreat to a chamber or rescue shelter as a last resort. when they have made the determination, if their training has taken, if they have made the determination that they need to go to a shelter, that that's the last place that they would go. a shelter is a sophisticated barricade, in my opinion. >> is there any evidence at this point that these -- to believe anyone is alive down there, any actual evidence of that? >> we don't have any at this point. we just have hope. >> how far is that refuge chamber for the portal. >> do you know? >> one inch equals 500 foot map. i guesstimated a few days ago about 8,000 feet. >> so rescuer will have to go in about two miles. >> they would ride in a certain distance. they won't walk in from the outside. we'll get them in there as quickly as possible for them to get in as far as we can. >> you said there is not significant debris between the way out and the way in there? >> the debris starts where the nin
a lot of political weight in west virginia and has always fought against tightening mine safety regulations and always fought against mining labor rights and things like that. but also it's really important to say that this kind of deep underground mining and gassy mines is just dangerous. and it's always been dangerous. and there's no way that you can do this kind of thing and not run the risk with these kinds of explosions. >> yeah. absolutely. it is dangerous work. when you hear these family members, certainly you want, if possible, the best circumstances for those people who put their lives on the line and go into those coal mines, work that honestly nobody wants to do. >>> coming up in less than 30 minutes, we're going to talk to a former minor and author from the west virginia area about the safety dangers these miners, generation upon generation face when they go on and do that work. >>> developing now, an aaronment hearing is being held in a massachusetts courtroom at this hour for three teenagers charged in the bullying of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide. none
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in west virginia. this is governor joe manchin on the tragedy. >> they're loving each other, they're hangi ining together he but it's very difficult for them, so ron wooten is the head of our mine safety and health and his responsibility is the mines of west virginia. we have our friends here, jermaine and -- you've been there for a while, haven't you? so, if there's any questions, there's not a whole lot except they're going to be drilling four holes now i understand versus three, correct? >> yes. three for ventilation and one more monitoring. >> you just can't believe the operation going on right now. i can't even explain to you how you're taking such a huge piece of equipment cutting a road in the side of a mountain, setting it up and start drilling. it's the most unbelievable, and god bless them. they're giving all they have, but it's a slow process. >> governor? can i ask you, i just spoke with an expert who said the mine is known as a gassy mine. was this disaster preventible? >> let me -- from our state and our federal -- people who basically have the responsibility of looking and d
to talk with bill nye, the science guy. >>> american's rights to carry their guns. in virginia, they're showing up in a national park, packing heat, legally. as a result of president obama signing a law to allow visitors to carry weapons in national parks. in washington, d.c., they're showing up without guns. they can't carry firearms in the city limits, but they want to change that. >> reporter: we have a protest where people are allowed to carry guns. here in the district where they have stricter gun laws, they can't. as for a noontime rally, it's a pretty good sized gathering. several hundred people. many from around the country coming here to send a message that they're not going to allow their rights to be taken away and that they're going to exercise their rights to free speech. across the river in virginia, people are carrying firearms, but are being very safe about it. they are going through inspections and have to put little plastic tags on their firearms to show whether they're loaded. they're carrying arm bands to show they've taken safety lessons. these advocates say they
here on msnbc. now to the last chance rescue for four missing miners in west virginia. if the workers made it to a refuge chamber the supplies would be dwindling at this point. right now rescuers in west virginia are in a stand by mode. crews had entered into the mine before dawn but then dangerous gas levels forced an evacuation. nbc news' brian mooar is in naoma, west virginia for more on this. what are the chances of them getting back into the mine before darkness tonight? >> well, ed, they're really hoping to get back in right around 7:00 this evening when we're going to get another briefing but officials were very frank about it. those crews were angry when they were yanked out of that mine. to give you an idea of how close this was they have a sort of threshold of 5% of a buildup of explosive gases before they had to get out. it got to 5.4%. they told the crews to double time it out of there. they really did not want to do that. just like all these families who have been waiting for some measure of closure they really wanted to get in there and they got so close, they got within
at a west virginia mine trying to get to four missing miners. early this morning they finally entered the damaged mine shaft to see if they can find the miners, hoping they'll find them alive. 25 others were killed by that massive explosion monday, but the west virginia governor says there's still a small sliver of hope. >> right now we're in the full rescue. rescue is basically that we have four unaccounted for. we want to make sure that we're able to locate and hopefully by some miracle and a sliver of the hope that we have, we find somebody. >> nbc's brian moore is in west virginia now. so, brian, tell me what the situation is with these rescue crews going in. >> well, contessa this is essentially a very slow going effort to get these rescue crews about 5 miles into this mountain looking for a rescue chamber, where it's possible, just slightly possible that a couple of these miners coo suld have survived this horrendous blast and bunkering down waiting to be rescued. the governor acknowledges this is a very, very slim chance they could have sur sooifed. they expect this to transiti
the update. >>> a fire in a west virginia coal mine and threat of another explosion forced rescuers to turn back for a third time this morning. with time and options running out, officials say they'll use a camera to see if anyone survived the blast on monday. >> the big decision, a very decision, was to pull the rescue teams out and not put them in harm's way based on that smoke we saw in the four entries that was moving toward where the long wall face from head gate 22. >> in the wake of the tragedy, president obama's calling for a safety review of all u.s. mines to be on his desk by next week. the accident has put a national spotlight on mine owner, massey energy, and don blankenship. he's a fierce defender of the industry and a lightening rod for critics. meantime, family members claim the company's too aloof and didn't reach out to them or keep them updated on the search for the missing miners. here's his response. >> i'm sort of introverted by nature, so i'm not good at communicating. i'm willing to be there and respond to questions, but we have better communicators than i am. >> whil
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the president make a statement in the rose garden about the west virginia mining tragedy. who knows, plans are probably in flux. i hate to speculate but we may have an opportunity to ask about the new nomination to the supreme court. >> another name in keeping with the likes of jennifer granholm, someone who is an elected official but someone might be talked about, massachusetts governor duval patrick, an unusual choice, not someone speculated about. when we talked about speculation, as you and i did over the weekend in anticipation of this event. we talked about women. there was tremendous pressure to put a woman on the court last time, thus the appointment of sonia sotomayer. how about some guys out there? will there be not as much pressure to put a woman because a woman was just placed last year? >> reporter: perhaps. one person we neglected to mention among the roster of potential candidates, solicitor general in the justice department. her name is elena kagan. the solicitor general's function is to argue the government's case before the supreme court. so certainly that individual very
the biggest threat around florida. we could see large hail around pittsburgh, west virginia, areas of virginia itself when the cold front sweeps on through. now, as far as right now, tallahassee was hit pretty hard with some gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning this morning. now that is beginning to head out, valdosta has some pretty bad storms and further to the north up around is a vsavannah. this was a well predicted storm, we thought we'd have these large, destructive tornadoes. won't be the case today. but unfortunately sometimes the forecast did come true. >> unfortunately you had it pinpointed for yesterday. thank you very much, bill karins. >>> more live reports on the tornados that hit the southeast coming up later this hour. for the latest forecast and the weather where you are, you can head to >>> coast guard officials in louisiana now say oil is leaking into the gulfs as a result of the massive rig that exploded last week. the well head on the ocean floor is releasing as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the water. british petroleum is investigating how to
and it also features tiger's father, earl. >>> another attempt ahead, rescue crews in west virginia think they may have found a faster way to reach those four miners still trapped deep beneath the ground. >>> kyrgyzstan' capital, still, the president of the key american ally says he is not stepping down. and an attack on allergy sufferers. how this wet, cold winter is making it miserable this spring for the millions of you out there who suffer from allergies. >>> more on tiger woods in just a moment but first we have breaking news. the brother of figure skater nancy kerrigan has been charged with manslaughter in the death of their father. 70-year-old daniel kerrigan died january 24th after an altercation with his son, mark. prosecutors today called it a violent attack during a trivial argument over use of the family telephone. it happened at the family home near boston. the family has insisted they do not blame mark kerrigan for the death of his father who had a preexisting heart condition. that's breaking news we wanted to get to you at this hour. >>> tiger woods is now playing in his fi
're discussing the latest on last week's mine disaster in west virginia. 29 miners killed in that underground explosion. the nation's worst mine disaster in 40 years. we'll have the president's remarks for you live right here on msnbc. >>> today is tax day and time for those tea parties. tens of thousands of activists are marking today's dreaded tax filing deadline with hundreds of rallies coast to coast, all protesting big government. in d.c. they're just getting ramped up, starting officially, i think, at 11:00 a.m. our reporter is live at dominico plaza. how's it looking? >> reporter: you have the stage over my left and you can see folks just starting to fill in. we've got the rally coming in less than an hour. and, you know, you see people just starting to fill in. they've got their "don't tread on me" signs and their flags, the other colonial signs and all that. and i have a guest with me here, carol from ocean city is here today. why are you here, carol? >> i'm here because i have children and grandchildren, and we cannot, under any circumstances, sustain the debt that we've got and the
virginia coal mine. it brings the death number to 29. they were hoping they made it to one of two chambers in a rescue chamber. >> none of the chambers had been deployed. and none of our miners suffered. so this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. >> nbc's brian moore is live for us in west virginia. brian, good morning to you. very sad news culminating in the confirmation of the death of these four miners. tell me what's going on there in terms of the mood of everybody. it can't be this came as a surprise. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, alex. definitely sad news but certainly no surprise. authorities had expected this outcome almost from the beginning. but they couldn't give up and they really wanted to give this community the sense, the survivors, the miners will have to go back into this mine at some point down the road, the sense that they had done everything possible, that they had given these four unaccounted-for miners the chance it turns out they didn't have to begin with. it turns out the rescue crews that went in in those chaotic hours went right past these four
the heat at the loaded gun rally. this one is on the banks of the potomac in nearby virginia. the protest site near d.c. is the closest you can get to the city and still legally carry a gun. meantime guns are not allowed at the second amendment march within the city limits because of d.c.'s ban on handguns. tracie potts is live at the second amendment march. tracie, tell us what's going on right now. >> reporter: monica, two different events in the d.c. area. the rally over in virginia and this one. i'm going to pan off and show you what's going on here. we're on the national mall near the washington monument. this is a second amendment march. it started as a march. it's more of a rally. we've got several dozen people here, maybe a couple hundred. is an all day event supporting and protecting second amendment gun rights. these are people from all over the country who say this nation needs to make sure that people who live here can responsibly carry guns. now, there are no guns at this rally, because it's in d.c. and d.c. bans firearms. quite frankly, they have been very adamant about the
coal barons of the 19th century, a guy who swings a lot of political weight in west virginia. he's notorious for violations not just of mine safety but clean water act, violations connected with mountain top removal mining. we also have to start asking hard questions about federal oversight, mine safety and health administration has been doing and west virginia politics. >> certainly. jeff goodell, thanks for bringing some context to this. thanks for your expertise. >>> brazil getting pounded under the most intense rain in a half century. deadly flooding so bad in rio de janeiro, people are being told to just stay off the streets. at least 102 people have died. >>> the space shuttle "discovery" was doing somersaults in space as it arrived for docking. an hour before link up they did a slow back ship so the space shuttle could photograph its belly. >>> paul volcker said the obama administration is considering a european style value added tax. he admits it's an unpopular idea. >>> president obama heading to the czech republic to sign a landmark nuclear treaty with russia. the forme
into the upper big branch mine of west virginia to recover the bodies of those miners still under ground. federal officials are also arriving today, trying to determine what caused the explosion. this afternoon at 3:30 eastern, joe manchin will call for a moment of silence to remember the 29 men killed in that disaster. >>> there will be no new trial for michael skak l. about a half hour ago, that request was denied. he was deny to 20 years behind prison. he had asked for a new trial after his two friends were implicated in that hearing. >>> outrage is growing over a tennessee mother's decision to back out of an adoption by putting her 7-year-old son on a plane to moscow with a box of crayons and a note reading, i no longer want to parent this child. it could threaten the plans of hundreds of american families who were hoping to welcome russian orphans into their families. ron allen has the story from shelbyville, tennessee. you're there in front of the family home. i assume they haven't come out. >> reporter: they've actually disappeared. no one's seen them for several days and this is a small t
for the 29 west virginia miners killed earlier this month. my colleague, nbc's athena jones, is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. in just a few hours the president will leave north carolina headed to west virginia. as soon as he gets there, he and vice president biden will be having a private meeting with the families of miners. this is before the 3:30 service this afternoon. the president and the vice president and west virginia's governor and first lady will all be speaking at that service. now, earlier this month, a few days after the explosion of the mine, the president called for a full investigation into the incident at upper big branch mine run by massey energy. it's the worst mining disaster in the united states in 40 years. and we expect the president during his eulogy to touch on mine safety issues. he'll talk about all the e-mails he'll tahat have poured e-mails into the white house since the explosion, many from miners postmarked from all around the region, talking about how miners are important for america's economy, saying america'
a live report in just a moment. >>> it is now a grim recovery mission in west virginia. the worst fears about those four missing coal miners comes to pass. >>> hello, everyone. i'm alex witt and you're watching "msnbc saturday," where it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west and here's what's happening. we begin this hour with the breaking news of the polish presidential plane crashing in western russia, killing the country's president, along with some of the highest military and civilian leaders. that plane went down in heavy fog on approach to the smolensk airport in northern russia. all 69 passengers on board were killed. tom aspell is in london with the latest on this grim news. >> as you say, it crashed in thick fog a mile short of smolensk airport in northern russia and burst in flames. there were no survivors. initial reports suggest pilot error may have been to blame. the pilot was advised to proceed to minsk, but decided to land in smolensk instead. among those killed was polish president lech kaczynski and his wife, maria. they were traveling to a memorial service at ka
for one of the 29 west virginia miners killed in monday's blast. the four missing miners who rescuers had hoped to survive were confirmed dead yesterday. recovery crews are still working to remove their remains. one miner remains hospitalized. federal investigators arrive on the scene tomorrow. >>> a gunfight inside a crowded oklahoma mall might also have spilled out into the streets with one person being dead, at least five injured yesterday inside the arrowhead mall. police say thr unconfirmed reports of gunfire elsewhere in the city. they're still looking for suspects. >>> nasa astronauts took their second space walk, working to replace an old storage tank outside the international space station. today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of "apollo 13." >>> tiger woods is going for the masters championship heading into the final round at augusta national. nbc's kerry sanders in augusta one more time with the latest from there. kerry, let's get to the betting odds because for those folks looking at the five-month break from golf in terms of slowing tiger down, it did not. what are
you thought the uproar was over for virginia governor bob mcdonnell's confederate history month proclamation, in steps mississippi governor barber, also a republican, just tossing a little more fuel on the fire. barber told cnn mcdonnell's omission of any mention of slavery in the proclamation, quote, doesn't amount to diddly. basha tabboul he says people already know slavery was a bad thing. why would you waste time putting it in a proclamation? >>> finally good news to report about the airline industry. once in a while it happens. last year planes were more likely to land on time. bags were less likely to get lost. passengers reported fewer complaints in 2009. even as cash-strapped airlines reduced flight schedules and charged extra for almost everything. bags, pillows, peanuts. according to the annual national airline quality rating, hawaiian airlines did the best job for travelers last year, closely followed by low cost carrier airtran. jet blue, northwest, and southwest rounded out the top five. (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- n
. >>> heartbreak in west virginia. searchers find the bodies of four coal miners in that mine. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc saturday. we begin with breaking news this hour. the polish presidential plane crash in western russia killing the nation's president along with some of the highest military and civilian leaders. that plane went down amid heavy fog while on approach to the smolensk airport in western russia. officials say all 96 passengers on-board that plane were killed. nbc has a reporter in moscow with more. good morning to you. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, alex. well, as you said, the plane was approaching this smolensk airport. because of the fog the plane had to make multiple attempts and as it approached the runway hit the tops of multiple trees before it hit the runway. that's when the plane crashed, broke into pieces. you've seen footage of the wreckage afterwards. they say there are no survivors, all 96 people on the plane were killed. local officials there have said that they tried to warn the pilot that it might be tricky to try t
. >>> breaking news now in west virginia where officials have just anounlsed a few minutes ago the rescue crews are going to go back into a mine where four missing men are still there in the wake of an explosion. the announcement came shortly after president obama offered his condolences to the victims' families and called for better mine safety laws. >> it's clear that more needs to be done and that's why i've asked my secretary of labor as well as the head of mine safety and health administration to give me a preliminary report next week on what went wrong. >> nbc's brian mooar is following breaking developments in naoma, west virginia. what do we know about when the rescuers will actually head back into the mine to try to find the four missing men? >> well, jeff, the good news is that they've already gone in and they're beginning that long trek about five miles into this mountain hoping to find some trace of the four miners who remain unaccounted for. that comes after bad news. yet another in a string of setbacks. rescuers were trying to drill down and be able to drop down a camera into the
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explosion in the west virginia coal mine. that discovery makes the death toll to 29, making it the worst coal mine disaster since 1970. nbc's brian mooar hre has the v latest from nioma, west virginia. >> these four missing miners who had been unaccounted for were found dead late last night as the crews went through a fourth time, trying to make their way to a rescue chamber, where they thought possibly if there was some miracle, they might have bunkered down. the first rescue crews in had walked right past these four miners. a lot of smoke, a lot of dust, a lot of confusion. thousand they know for sure. this community is coming together. an extraordinary burden. 29 individual tragedies. families going to funerals, clinging together in these dark hours, and they're hoping that officials in this state will do what they can to make these mines just a little bit safer. alex? >> all right, brian mooar. thank you very much for that update. >>> with the midterm elections approaching, the list of potential political riffs just got a little longer. after more than three decades on the bench, jus
are your first five headlines. >>> funerals continue for the 29 west virginia miners killed in monday's explosion. so far six have been laid to rest. the families of some victims are still waiting for the remains to be removed from the mine. brian mooar is in beckley, west virginia. with a good morning to you, the six miners have been buried but so much more emotion to come. >> reporter: funeral after funeral, members of this community have lost so much but they still have each other. those who have lost are helping others who have lost. today another one of those funerals and there will be many more. today it's a funeral for william roosevelt lynch. he just turned 59 a couple weeks ago, a churchgoing man, a family man, and at the end of the day, he was a miner. his friends were miners. his family miners. and the mining community coming together today to help the lynch family in their darkest hour. the investigation here is just beginning. officials will be gathering in the state tomorrow, state and federal officials will try to reconstruct exactly what happened here. it does look lik
branch mine in west virginia. president obama tells his labor secretary to strengthen mine safety laws. we've heard this before. we're going to get more specific answers when secretary -- labor secretary hilda soliz joins us live. >>> and later, al qaeda in iraq is undergoing a major resurgence. what is the terrorist organization doing now, and what will it mean for our troops still in that country? sure watching msnbc. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. preparing for retirement can be complex. and with 7,000 boomers a day reaching retirement age, the need for help has never been greater. a merrill lynch financial advisor can help you plan, invest, and manage your assets, which could make your second act better than your first. merrill lynch wealth management. >>> a travel nightmare to say the least in europe right now. thousands of flights canceled in the region's busiest ai
's a grim recovery mission in west virginia. the worst fears about those four missing coal miners comes to fruition. >>> hello, i'm alex witt. 11:00 a.m. here on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. out west. >>> we begin with the breaking news of the polish presidential plane crashed in western russia killing the nation's president and some of the highest civilian and military leaders. it went down in heavy fog another smolensk airport. all 96 passengers on-board were killed. we mo have mohave more from mos. how's the investigation going? >> reporter: good morning, alex. of the preliminary version that they're working with, very, very heavy fog. local officials in smolensk say that when the plane was half a mile away from the runway, it apparently came down too low, hit the top of some trees, and that's when it broke apart, crashed to the ground. some of it bursting into flames. everyone on-board apparently killed. now local officials also say they did try to warn the pilot of the fog, suggesting he land in either moscow or in belarus next door. it is a huge blow for poland in addition to the pre
president obama will attend a memorial service and deliver the eulogy for the 29 west virginia miners killed earlier this month. nbc's athena jones is at the white house for us this sunday morning. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, alex. the president arrived in beckley, west virginia, later this afternoon. as soon as he gets there, he and vice president biden will be having a private meeting with the families of some of the miners. this is before the service begins at 3:30 p.m. the president, the vice president, as well as the governor and first lady of west virginia, are all going to be speaking at that service. now the white house has called for a full investigation into the incident at the big branch mine. it's the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. and we expect the president's eulogy to touch a little bit on mine safety issues. he's not going to delve deep into policy proposals because this is really about celebrating the lives of those lost and offering his deep condolences to the families and to the community. but he is going to talk about the letters and e-mails
to iowa, virginia, maine, north carolina, any coincidence there? >> reporter: you mean in terms of the politics? >> in terms of the states. >> reporter: yeah, iowa, the home of chuck grassley, he was a top senator, republican, on the finance committee. remember last year, when they were negotiating that health care bill, he was behind closed door is with max baucus, nothing came of it. maine, olympia snowe there, the republican that many thought would come along with democrats, of course no republicans did in passing health care. north carolina a state that turned blue for barack obama in 2008, something they'd like to see happen again in 2012. always a political cal indication that goes into appearances. we expect the president traveling the country, promoting the law of health care reform as well as efforts he's making and the administration are making to improve the economy. >> mike viqueira at the white house. >>> well, now to the latest twist in the tiger woods comeback. always something, right? now, us weekly reporting that tiger's wife elin might, might, go to the masts a
in the search for the trapped miners in west virginia. a few hours ago, rescue crews were forced to evacuate because of the air quality and officials feared another toxic explosion. right now, crews are drilling a hole into the mine shaft in hopes of clearing out the toxic gases. zpl this is the setback. the worst of our three options from a rescue attempt, but it's still valid because if someone's alive, thai they're in the chamber. >> let's get to brian mooar. how long do they think they're going to have to pull the rescuers out before they can get back in? >> reporter: it's going take hours. the word that the air quality inside the mine the brought down to the nonexplosive level they need. for the families, of course, this long, anguishing wait is dragging out longer. they're hanging on to this sliver of hope that the four lost miners might be alive. but officials here are being very clear about that, that there are long odds, there have been from the beginning and they can't risk the lives of these rescue crews to go in and work their way through these obstacles, basically going back fiv
. new numbers show that 33 states posted job gains just last month alone. maryland, virginia and pennsylvania led the way with the most gains. >>> the los angeles police force is marking the loss of its former chief, daryl gates. he led the lapd for 14 years. he headed the department when rodney king was beaten by police officers after the high-speed police chase. deadly riots ensued after the videotape of that beating was broadcast across the globe. he said he was appalled by what was on the tape, but defended the department. a panel later faulted him for not preparing the city's forces to deal with the violence. al sharpton reacted to gates' death earlier today. >> i'm stunned. i don't even know what to say. my initial reaction would be, if it's true, to give condolences to his family members and those that survived him. >> the words of al sharpton today. gates is survived by his brother and two children. he was 83 years old. >>> we are following a developing story involving ben roethlisberger. the georgia police officer who took the first report from the alleged victim has
'donnell, live for us. thank you. >>> crews went back today into the upper big branch mine in west virginia where an explosion killed 29 miners a week ago. the crews are trying now to recover the last nine bodies of the victims. meanwhile, federal investigators are due to arrive at the mine today to start searching for the cause of the disaster. president obama has ordered all u.s. flags in west virginia to be flown at half staff until next sunday. in about 90 minutes there will be a moment of silence held throughout the state in memory of the miners who lost their lives. >>> and a russian child welfare official says he spent quality time with the young boy who was rejected by his adoptive american mom and he is not, quote, psychopath as the woman alleges. 33-year-old tory hanson of tennessee says the son she called justin treated her -- threatened her family and told her he would burn down the house. the russian official says it's the job of a parent to make it clear that threats like that are not acceptable. nbc's ron allen is live in shelbiville, tennessee. ron, what's the latest? any possible
. the u.s. just indicted 11 suspected pirates in norfolk, virginia, for alleged attacks on u.s. and a half vesselsocity coast of africa. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is joining us from the pentagon. jim, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, jeff, these indictments returned against 11 suspected pirates, returned, taken to the united states in norfolk primarily because they didn't know what else to do with them. the u.s. had originally an agreement with the country of kenya to take any suspected pirates and put them through their judicial system. kenya that since said our courts and jails are overloaded right now, so that deal is off. now, it was a few weeks ago that these pirates are accused of attempting to not only hijack cargo ships but opening fire on at least one guided missile frigate, the nicholas, to which they returned fire, sank the pirate skiff and took five of those pirates into skoechltd the indictme -- into custody. they claim they attempted to plunder this heavily guarded warship. nonetheless, the u.s. finds itself in a strange position right now. the
to figure out how to fix it. no time line. >> thank you very much. >>> also, the west virginia governor is scheduled to conduct a news conference in the next hour to announce new steps in mine safety. this follows last week's explosion at the upper big branch mine that killed 29 coal miners. the governor announced an independent investigation yesterday. federal investigators are looking into the cause of the disaster and congress has also scheduled hearings. >>> the white house says president obama will present a revised proposal to outline the future of nasa when he visits the kennedy space center tomorrow after his plan was blasted in a letter by three legendary astronauts, including neil armstrong the first man to walk on the moon. they say the plan could be, quote, devastating for america's space program. nbc's veteran space correspondent joins us from merritt island, florida, via skype. thanks for joining us. this is obviously not a black and whitish unite because you have buzz aldren also an astronaut icon siding with the president's plan. what's going on? >> that is correct. buzz
missing interest the blast. they are presumed dead. >>> president obama will travel to west virginia today to pay tribute to the 29 minors killed after an explosion at the upper big branch mine earlier this month. with a good sunday morning to you, what's in store for the rez today? >> reporter: well, good morning, alex. that's right. in a few hours he leaves north carolina for beckley, west virginia, taking part in this service. we know that when the president gets there he and vice president biden will meet privately with the miners' families before the certifica service begins at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. both the president and vice president are expected to speak there. now we know that the white house has called for a full investigation into the incident at the upper big branch mine. it's the worst mining disaster in u.s. mining in about four decades and we expect the president to touch on the issue of mine safety in his eulogy. let me review a few lines. we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they are with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in ano
that energy. that's part of what got us these big wins in new jersey and virginia and massachusetts. >> doug, it's interesting. when you talk to tea party leaders about their core beliefs, what they really want, smaller government, more individual responsibility, strong stand on illegal immigration, those are all core republican principles. so why do people feel the need to go to an outside third party path when republicans are supposed to be representing that? >> i can't speak for anybody's motivations. i know that we need them in our party and we need them to show up and knock on doors and make phone calls and raise money and do those things that are necessary for november. i'm really optimistic. because if we were having this conversation one year ago today, we'd be talking about president obama's 68-point job approval rating and how the republican party even survives. one year later we've got three big wins in the scott brown win and bob mcdonald and chris christy. we've got 27 out of 39 special elections throughout the country. we're matching the democrats dollar for dollar. we're in a
of the west virginia coal miners killed last week in the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1970 have been recovered. a spokesperson for the state of west virginia says the last bodies were removed from the upper big branch mine very early this morning. federal investigators are now looking into what caused that blast. >>> police are launching a full investigation after new video surfaced of three police officers in prince george's coun county, maryland beating a student last night. showing them using batons beating the student after a basketball game. the student had been charged with assaulting officers on horseback and their horses. an attorney for the student released the video after charges had been dropped. prosecutors are launching a criminal investigation. so far one officer has been suspended, the other two will be suspended pending identification. >>> the professor accused of killing three of her colleagues in an alabama campus shooting two months ago now faces a new probe in her brother's shooting death. the official inquest began just this morning. it will look into whether amy
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will be transported under heavy security to a virginia courtroom. they face charges of piracy and plundering. they're expected to enter pleas today. one group of men captured after allegedly fires on the "uss nicolas." >>> a texas lawmaker is taking a cue from arizona's tough new immigration law. two texas newspapers reported republican state lawmakers will introduce an arizona-style bill in january. the new law requires police to check suspected illegal immigrants' papers and protests and boycotts across the nation are growing. even celebrities are getting involved. now shah key i -- some lawmaker the feds won't deal with immigration reform for a long time. >> i think it is unconstitutional. and it doesn't represent the best way forward. and, quite frankly, madam secretary, we've got a long way to go, but once we get there, comprehensive reform should come up, will come up, and i believe we can do it by 2012. >> joining me now, conservative talk show host on the radio in philadelphia. here's the thing i don't get about lindsay graham. so he supports some of this energy, climate change movement. h
because of such a treacherous situation, just as it was with the west virginia mine collapse. and, of course, you have to know with such a deep mining root in this area, they had to be thinking of what could happen here with that recent collapse. >> all right. laura forbes on the scene in kentucky. thanks. >>> now to breaking news in the sarah palin e-mail hacking case. the jury is in the third day of deliberating and say that they are dead locked on one charge after reaching unanimous decision. they could deliberate longer in the case of former tennessee student david kernel or go ahead on the charges of wire fraud, unauthorized access to computer, and obstruction of justice. they went behind closed doors again. we'll keep you posted on this developing story. >>> less than an hour from now, 10,000 members of the afl-cio will be marching on wall street. they are angry over excess greed that led to the loss of more than 10 million jobs. they want to be compensated for those jobs after years of pushing for more regulation of the big banks. this is as the senate is moving forward aft
is investigating the west virginia mine where 29 miners were killed in the explosion this month and the federal mine and safety administration. they are looking into possible bribery from massey energy. >>> and goldman sachs may be facing a criminal investigation on top of the civil lawsuit filed by the fcc, which is accusing the firm of defrauding investors. federal prosecutors in new york are looking into criminal charges against goldman eer its employees. and >> it's hard to tell where that is illegal or driving exsples it corruption or where it's stupid and needs to be reformed. we need investigations and more investigations and more investigations, quite honestly, so the fact they are looking into massey and may look into goldman -- remember, they said we could look at the civil charges, and then sometimes an fcc lawsuit will trigger the department of justice or the criminal authorities to look further, and that's all that happened here. >> what will they look at criminally? would this mean seeing goldman executives in handcuffs? >> yes, all of that is possible, not probable, but possible
accident in west virginia that left 29 miners dead. >> we owe them an assurance that when they go to work every day, when they enter that dark mine, they are not alone. they ought to know that behind them, there is a company that's doing what it takes to protect them and a government that is looking out for their safety. >> in addition to preventing future problems, the president's also demanding answers into what caused thexd explosion last wee. >>> as president obama prepares to make over the nation's space program, a number of democrats are not on board because they argue the space agency provides critical jobs for thousands of workers, something is economy can't afford to lose. joining me now, debbie wasserman schultz, a democrat from florida. you're calling on nasa to actually speed up the creation of the next generation of rockets. do you have problems with the program as what you're hearing from the administration, parts they want to cut and something else they want to develop? >> well, yes. in short. but it's not just about job creation for florida although it is incredibly import
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